By Peter Hulm

2017. American dream meets American nightmare. To understand the Donald Trump phenomenon in the United States we need to go back 30 years to one Frenchman's limousine trip across America. Global-Geneva

2012. Occupy Everyone: Jean Baudrillard and the Tea Party. Paper for the International Journal of Baudrillard Studies. Word version (66Kb)

2011. The medium is the mess: what McLuhan did not know. Paper for McLuhan 100th anniversary conference.

2010.Baudrillard's Bastards: 'Pataphysics after the Orgy. Semiophagy. PDF

2010. Now look what you made me do: media violence and accountability. Handbook of Media. Blackwell. Word version (185Kb)

2009. Pseudo-politics: obliterating the event. Unpublished. Word version (139Kb)

2005. Unheimlich manoeuvers: the media and Live8. Poesis.

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