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Persuasian DVD cover

Persuasion 2007

imdb score: 7.6

Woman without secrets

image of Julianna Margulies from imdb

The Good Wife 2009-2013

imdb score: 8.3

French lessons

image from imdb

Spiral/Engrenages 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011

imdb score: 8.5

Democrats don't do drama, or comedy

Jeff Daniels

The Newsroom, season 1-2, HBO

imdb score: 8.7

Don Draper self-destructs but who cares?

Don Draper

Mad Men 2013, season 6-7, AMC
Which way to the window?
Mad Men 2008-2012, AMC

imdb score: 8.7

Print the propaganda
Homeland, HBO series 2012

imdb score: 8.5

Spooked by Sacher-Masoch
MI-5/Spooks, Kudos, 2002-2011

imdb score: 8.3

The Puzzle of Parade's End
Parade's End, BBC2 TV series 2012

imdb score: 7.8

A suitable case for treatment
Sherlock, BBC TV series

imdb score: 9.3