By Peter Hulm

2016. Donald Trump's followers: "same as they ever were"

2020. Hillbilly hysteria. Global Geneva.

2012. Occupy Everyone: Jean Baudrillard and the Tea Party. Paper for the International Journal of Baudrillard Studies. Word version (66Kb)

2011. The medium is the mess: what McLuhan did not know. Paper for McLuhan 100th anniversary conference.

2010.Baudrillard's Bastards: 'Pataphysics after the Orgy. Semiophagy. PDF

2010. Now look what you made me do: media violence and accountability. Handbook of Media. Blackwell. Word version (185Kb)

2009. Pseudo-politics: obliterating the event. Unpublished. Word version (139Kb)

2005. Unheimlich manoeuvers: the media and Live8. Poesis.

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