Book reviews

Complete Works of Ford Madox Ford

(Illustrated), Delphi Classics, 2012. 14093Kb [Kindle Edition, $4.30]

A long way from complete

By Peter Hulm

The "Complete Works" does not include his Memories and Impressions (e.g. Portraits from Life) and other non-fiction works such as his biography of Rossetti. Most students of Ford would consider these essential to any full consideration of his place in literary history. Wikipedia's entry on Ford can give you an idea of how much is missing.

Nevertheless, here are some of his post-Parade's End works such as No Enemy and The Rash Act, where Ford explored the brilliant stream of consciousness technique that made his name in Parade's End.

It also has his collected poems. Several critics consider him a poet of near genius.

So, no, it is not complete, but pretty much essential reading for any Ford aficionado.

30 March 2013